Day Fees & Memberships 2015/2016

Day Use Fees
Day Pass for
Cash or Cheque only
Deposit in cash box inside the chalet
$8 age 13+
$3 age 12 and under
Please respect our request to pay for day use of our trails. There are many expenses involved in maintaining our trails and providing this service for your enjoyment. Please share in the cost of running this non-profit club.
Please note: Day Use fees already paid cannot be used to offset cost of a full Club membership

Membership Fees
Single $67 Add $9 per person for
mandatory Club insurance
Single: 67+9 = $76
Senior: 56+9 = $65
Couple: 112+18 = $130
Senior Couple: 94+18 = $112
Family A: $121 + $9 per person
Family B: $77 +$9 per person
Senior (60+) $56
Couple $112
Senior Couple (1 partner 60+) $94
Family A (2 adults and 1 or more children*) $121
Family B (1 adult and 1 or more children*) $77

Two ways to register

Download form and mail with cash or cheque

Online Registration at the Zone 4 website with credit card payment

Please note: If you choose to register online with Zone 4, there will be additional fees. $1 per registration plus $1 per person. The credit card fees are 3% rounded to the nearest dollar.

Skiing & Snowshoeing
Your membership or day pass includes access to both Nordic and Snowshoe trails.

For membership info, email Donna –
call at 705-471-8406, or via post at the address below.

mailing address:

Wasi Cross Country Ski Club
PO Box 46
Astorville ON  P0H 1B0

A Note About Club Insurance

Cross country ski clubs are required to carry an insurance policy that protects your club, its assets, board, and membership from lawsuits. The cost of this policy is $9 per member regardless of age.


*"Child" - 17 and younger OR full-time, dependent student living at home
"Senior" - an individual that is age 60 or more by December 31, 2014
"Senior couple" - a couple in which at least one member is a senior.
"Family A" - two skiing adults living at the same address that are 18 years of age or more plus any number of children.
"Family B" - one skiing adult, 18 years or older, plus any number of children"